Thursday, 12 January 2012


so i buried is very excited to announce that the second release from So I Buried Records is going to be 'Foreign Affair Confidential' by Bo Ningen with Damo Suzuki.

the album will be only pre-released during Bo Ningen's Japan tour 2012. it will be available at the following their gigs:

14.01.12 Hamamatsu, G-Side

15.01.12 Tokyo, O-Nest

17.01.12 Tokyo, Vacant

20.01.12 Sapporo, Mole

22.01.12 Sendai, Club Shaft

29.01.12 Tokyo, Club Asia

04.02.12 Okinawa, Groove

05.02.12 Okinawa, G-Shelter

10.02.12 Navaro, Kumamoto

11.02.12 Saga, Rag-G

12.02.12 Fukuoka, Utero

it will be only released officially in the UK later this year. the official release date will be confirmed very soon.


Bo Ningen are a london-based japanese psychedelic rock band formed in 2007. they released their debut ep, 'Koroshitai Kimochi', from Stolen Recordings in 2009 and it was chosen 'Top 100 Albums of 2009' by The Sunday Times. after the success of their debut ep, they released their first studio album, 'Bo Ningen', which received positive comments from a number of artists such as Faust and Acid Mothers Temple, in 2010. their latest release is their second ep, 'Henkan', which was released in 2011, and they are currently touring in japan to celebrate the release of the japanese edition of the ep.

Damo Suzuki was the singer of the legendary german krautrock band Can. while he was in the band, Can was enjoying one of their most successful periods producing influential albums such as 'Tago Mago' in 1971, 'Ege Bamyasi' in 1972 and 'Future Days' in 1973. after leaving the band in 1974, he returned to music in 1983 and is currently leading Damo Suzuki's Network, which he performs live improvisational music with local artists where he plays. there are a large number of artists that he has collaborated including Acid Mothers Temple, Tortoise and many more.