Monday, 25 June 2018

QUJAKU release new 500 limited edition LP, “QUJAKU” and confirm new Europe tour

QUJAKU will release their first 500 limited album, “QUJAKU”, in the name of QUJAKU from So I Buried Records on 16th August 2018, when their forthcoming Europe tour starts (see below). The album contains 9 tracks including a song released in the name of their former name, The Piqnic, and will be released on double 12 inch vinyl.

The originality growing every release even grows dramatically in this album, and becomes bewitching and insane deep-roaring-psychedelia that contains the brutality corresponding the heavy bass sound smashing the brain and the solemnity like hymns combining with the nostalgia like pastorals.

Also, it has been confirmed that the band will have a new Europe tour to celebrate the release of the album. The tour contains 20 shows in 6 countries, including two festival appearances, Nox Orae Festival in Switzerland and HUB Festival in Cardiff.

16th (Thu) Nottingham, UK / JT Soar
17th (Fri) York, UK / The Crescent
18th (Sat) Newcastle, UK / Head Of Steam
19th (Sun) Preston, UK / The PPL
22nd (Wed) Birmingham, UK / Hare And Hounds
23rd (Thu) Chester, UK / The Golden Eagle
24th (Fri) Cardiff, UK / HUB Festival
25th (Sat) Wrexham, UK / Tŷ Pawb
26th (Sun) Bristol, UK / The Old England
27th (Mon) Brighton, UK / Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
28th (Tue) Gent, BE / Trefpunt
29th (Wed) Hildesheim, DE / Club VEB
31st (Fri) Frankfurt, DE / ExZess

1st (Sat) La Tour-de-Peilz, CH / Nox Orae Festival
3rd (Mon) Budapest, HU / Dürer Kert
4th (Tue) České Budějovice, CZ / TBC
5th (Wed) Brno, CZ / Bajkazyl
6th (Thu) Prague, CZ / Theremin
8th (Sat) Brussels, BE / Magasin 4
9th (Sun) London, UK / The Lexington


- Title 

- Release Date 
16th August 2018

- Tracklist
1. Shoku No Hakumei
2. Kami Ga Korosu
3. ZyouK
5. Ave
6. Hadaka No Inochi
7. Kagamie
8. Yui, Hate No Romance
9. Sweet Love of Mine


QUJAKU are a Japanese psychedelic band formed in 2013 and based in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. Violent but delicate melody and heavy but stable rhythm remind you Japanese underground legends such as Keiji Haino and Les Rallizes Denudes, the insane dark deep heavy roaring sound containing gothic elements at the same time leads you to the utopia, the deep psychedelia opening the third eye. The band released a debut album, “ZyouK”, in 2015 and toured the UK, Germany and Hungary, followed by a release of an EP, “KEIREN”, and a UK tour in 2016. In 2017, they released an EP, “H” and had their biggest ever Europe tour with 26 shows in 5 countries, including three music festival appearances at Fat Out Fest, Focus Wales and Raw Power. In October 2017, they released a latest EP, “S”.