Thursday, 6 August 2015


So I Buried Records is so excited to announce that The Piqnic, a japanese dark shoegaze band, will exclusively release their debut album from the label this october, only limited to 300 copies.

you can listen to a few tracks from the album from the links below:

compared with their previous two eps, which were hugely influenced by the indie music from the west, japanese avant-garde has been the main influence on this brand-new album. it has led the album to have an identity and uniqueness as a japanese band, in keeping their own roots, containing two opposite elements "stillness" and "motion".

you wish to hold naive and fleeting sentimental hopes in the violent darkness as maddening noise and chaos, pieces of ephemeral glassworks that cannot become kaleidoscopes.

album title:

1. ArA
2. hebi
3. ZyouK
4. si
5. krs
6. m-s
7. hinata
8. O

The Piqnic are a japanese shoegaze band formed in 2013 and based in shizuoka, japan. their music is gothic dark shoegaze, which reminds you of The Horrors, but it also contains emotional expressions that japan uniquely has, leading you to feel scandinavian post rock like Sigur Ros. aesthetic but also destructive, roar but also silence, The Piqnic are a rare newcomer that has two opposite elements at the same time. although they've been active for only two years, they've already self-released two eps, 'Saoirse', 'I Can't Breathing', and they run their own irregular nights.